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        Established in 2006, the China Wine Platform Group (CWP) has grown to become one of China’s major players in the importation,
        marketing and sale of fine wines. As a successful brand builder in China,
        CWP have formed long-term strategic partnerships with outstanding producers from all over the world.
        These partnerships have allowed us to expand into many major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shanxi, Shenyang and Hong Kong.
        Our portfolio covers a wide range of high-quality, internationally renowned brands such as Montes of Chile and Stonefish of Australia,
        with sole distribution rights in China.
        AngeLive Beijing Co., Ltd
        AngeLive Beijing Co., Ltd established in 2012, is an enterprise of China Wine Platform Group that operates with wine import trading.
        AngeLive Beijing Co., Ltd. has inherited most of the import trade business of China Wine Platform Group.
        AngeLive Beijing Co., Ltd. has expanded new projects, which followed the footsteps of China Wine Platform Group,
        and it has been advancing in the field of imported wine trading.  
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        China Wine Platform Group is the sole distributor of all registered trademark brands in Ch
        All MONTES products are prohibited from selling online in mainland China without the CWPL’
        Montes 25th Anniversary Dinner (Beijing)
        China Wine Platform Group VS Infinity (Shanghai) T
        World premiere for Montes 30th Anniversary new se
        On the successful completion of its first year rep
        The 9th July , Our brand office in ShanXi started
        AngeLive Cellar and Club House
        "AngeLive Cellar and Club House" is a member of China Wine Platform Group.
        The group was established in 2006 and is mainly engaged in import wine trading business, including Chile, Argentina,
        the United States, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, France and other well-known winery products.
        Major brands are: Montes (Chile), Familia Martinez Bujanda (Spain), Stonefish (Australia), Toitoi (New Zealand).